50 Cent Addresses The Controversy Over His ‘Power’ Theme Song Change

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Sunday night marked the return of 50 Cent’s Power, and the sixth season premiere wasn’t without controversy. Ahead of the episode, it was revealed that the sixth season of the show would feature a new version of the theme song, which replaces Joe’s verse with a new one from Trey Songz. This shift went viral over the weekend, so much so that it was trending on Twitter due to all the reactions it drew. Now 50 Cent has taken a minute to address the controversy himself.

50 Cent posted a video of himself talking about the change, saying on a video, “These motherf*ckers talking about Trey Songz. Man, you ain’t bought a motherf*cking Joe CD in years, now you talking about Trey Songz? Trey did that sh*t as a favor to me, man. Sh*t, y’all keep this sh*t up… F*ck it, I’ma have to put that motherf*cker back the way it was.” He then ended the video with a laugh.


Trey Songz addressed the situation as well, writing in the comments of the video, “N****s act like I said, ’50, let’s change the Power theme.”

50 Cent’s never afraid to say what’s on his mind, so naturally, he’s usually involved in some sort of beef. Recently, for example, he got into it with Rick Ross.