50 Cent Replaced Joe With Trey Songz On The ‘Power’ Theme Song And People Have Mixed Feelings

50 Cent‘s hit TV show Power returns Sunday night, but many fans have already gotten a sneak peak at the sixth season — and they aren’t pleased. The furor isn’t over the actors or the storyline. Instead fans were taken aback upon hearing the show’s new theme song. For the past five seasons, the STARZ hit series featured an opening tune by 50 Cent and R&B singer Joe. But in the sixth, and possibly last, season, the rapper decided to replace Joe’s verse in the opening song, “Big Rich Town,” with Trey Songz.

Fans of the show expressed their confusion and, in some cases, outright anger over the theme song’s altering. In fact, the new version of “Big Rich Town” was so controversial that it began trending on Twitter.


Some, though, thought Trey Songz added a nice edition to the song.


Others were simply caught off-guard.

Though some liked the new theme song and others didn’t, it seems as though Trey Songz is here to stay. 50 Cent took to Instagram to respond to the messages he’s gotten. “Chill out alright, did you like the episode?” he wrote.


You can listen to the “Big Rich Town” remix with Trey Songz above and the original version with Joe below.