50 Cent Is Still Having Fun With The Will Smith Slap, Even Getting In A Jussie Smollett Jab

If there was anyone who was going to worry that Will Smith Oscars slap incident like a dog with a bone, it would be 50 Cent. The compulsive social media troll already weighed in on the surprising moment — along with Drake, Nicki Minaj, Vince Staples, and others — but he’s never been one to simply make the joke and let it go. And because there’s nothing 50 loves more than trolling celebrities in distress (like a fat kid loves cake, you could say), of course, he found a way to also make a Jussie Smollett joke at the same time.

Smollett has been a frequent target of 50’s since being convicted of disorderly conduct late last year. Smollett was accused of filing false police reports after apparently staging a fake hate crime against himself in January 2019. The rapper made fun of an outburst from the actor at his sentencing, vowing to repeat Smollett insisting that he is not suicidal the next time he’s in court.

This time, 50 referenced Smollett’s apparent dishonesty in reporting the false attack, posting a photo of the actor during a tearful interview superimposed with the text “Will Smith hit me too.” It was the Power producer‘s seventh post on social media about the slapping incident, including five posts the night of, and a later commentary on the report that Chris Rock declined to press charges against Smith for their “one little fight.” Knowing 50, it probably won’t be the last.