A Man Killed The Lead Singer Of A Black Metal Band Because He ‘Tarnished Satanism’

Stories like this almost make me thankful that the biggest news in music right now involves Justin Bieber allegedly egging his neighbor’s house. According to the Bangkok Post, the 36-year old lead singer or “Black Vomitor” of the black metal band Surrender of Divinity was murdered last week by a fan that he had invited into his home. According to his wife, Samong Traisattha, known to bandmates and fans as Avaejee, was drinking with a man named Prakarn Harnphanbusakom, who offered to print some shirts for the band.

After Avaejee’s wife left to put their child to bed, Prakarn and the singer got into a fight and that led to the man stabbing Avaejee to death. That’s the tame version of the incident, mind you, because the detailed account from the murderer himself, going by the name “Maleficent Meditation” on Facebook, gets a hell of a lot scarier.

“I have intended to end my life since I was 25. Because I’ll die eventually, I want to drag down those who tarnish Satanism with me. But I refrained from killing women and children,” he wrote.

“In my view, I have more respect for devoted Buddhists, Christians and Muslims than those who call themselves Satanists without knowing anything about it,” he wrote. “If I did not kill him, I’m sure he would be murdered by someone else later.” (Via the Bangkok Post)

Maleficent claimed to have stabbed Avaejee more than 30 times, and he even posted a picture of the murder scene on his Facebook page – it was “liked” more than 450 times – before it was eventually deleted. Despite reports that he was a fan of the band, he insisted that wasn’t the case. This was simply a situation of a Satanist killing another Satanist because he wasn’t a real Satanist.

Ultimately, Malificent wrote that he hopes he can be with Satan soon, and while I’m sure he’s on the fast track, it would be pretty great if he spent eternity in a far worse place for his liking.

(Banner via the band’s Facebook page, H/T to Metal Sucks)