A Probably Fake But Hysterical Watch The Throne Poster Emerges

The hip-hop blog Dubra On The Rocks posted this about an hour ago, and while I’m about 98.7% certain that it’s not official, there’s a part of me that believes it actually could be because nothing concerning Watch The Throne would surprise me at this point. All Dubra says in the caption is, “Deluxe WTT poster?”, and there’s no contact info on the site to inquire about its origin, unfortunately. Additionally, as of this writing, I haven’t seen it anywhere else — not in any hip-hop chat rooms or posted to any music blogs.

Seeing that everything about WTT has been so hilariously mysterious, almost anything seems par for the course at this point. It’s a completely ridiculous poster — I mean, it’s kind of freaking me out to look at the merging of Kanye and Jay-Z’s faces, yet I can’t look away — but I could totally see these two putting something like this out.

Anyway… KanJay, anyone?