A Reporter Asked Herman Cain About Rick Ross Having A Seizure, For Some Reason

So there’s a video that was making the rounds late yesterday afternoon and last night showing Herman Cain flat-out losing his sh*t when reporters insisted on asking him questions about the burgeoning sexual harassment scandal he currently finds himself swept up in.

“…don’t even bother asking me all these other questions you might be curious about,” Cain said before losing his cool when the pack of reporters failed to heed to his wishes: “What did I say? Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!”

While the video has gone viral because Cain briefly snaps, there’s something I noticed when I finally got around to watching it that made me LOL. Beginning at a little after the 30 second mark, you can hear someone ask Cain’s for his thoughts on Rick Ross’ recent seizure fit.

I would say that whoever’s behind this (Howard Stern, perhaps?) is making a mockery of American politics, but American politics does a pretty good job of making a mockery of itself on its own.