Adam Lambert And James Corden Have A Queen Sing-Off To See Who Should Join The Band’s New Tour

Even though Freddie Mercury has been gone over 25 years, Queen still continues on with original members Roger Taylor and Brian May with some different guests playing frontman. Paul Rodgers of Bad Company fame had the honor for a good stretch, but now Adam Lambert has the mantle and is leading the band on a summer tour. Or he was before appearing on The Late Late Show.

While the band says Mercury would love Lambert and his vocals have impressed many since he joined the band, James Corden doesn’t know how he feels about an American leading Queen back out on the road. So Corden talks a little trash before Lambert shows his face and the two face-off in a song battle of classic Queen songs.

To truly drive it home, Taylor and May bust out to provide the music and determine which singer has the goods they need for the future. Lambert gets to sing “We Will Rock You” while Corden answers back with “Don’t Stop Me Know.” I’d the latter based on song choice alone, but Lambert can belt out the lyrics a little better.

What really would’ve made this a special showcase are some different cuts from the Queen catalog. Where’s “Princes Of The Universe?” How about the theme from Flash Gordon? Even some “Radio GaGa” would’ve been a nice way to get the crowd involved a bit. I know you can’t do “Bohemian Rhapsody” in a little segment, but any of these would be better than “Somebody To Love.”

Lambert obviously walks away with the victory. It was never really a question, but sometimes the fantasy of these late night segments helps keep them interesting. It’d be fun if Corden runs off to front the band and now Lambert is stuck entertaining guests on a nightly basis.

(Via The Late Late Show)