Adam Levine And Jimmy Fallon Whip Out Some Odd Musical Impressions On ‘The Tonight Show’

Ever wonder what Michael Jackson would sound like singing the Sesame Street theme song? How about Iggy Azalea trying her hand at “Old McDonald Had A Farm?” Maybe Eddie Vedder doing “The Muffin Man” is more your speed?

Wonder no more because Jimmy Fallon and Adam Levine are here to emulate all of your favorite musical acts covering silly children’s nursery rhymes. It’s quality television for those with slow gas leaks in their homes.

I can say that the impressions are pretty good, but Fallon usually has decent musical impressions. I just can’t find the strength to like Adam Levine. It’s not in me. Luckily he’s got a lot of company on that side of my thoughts.

(Via The Tonight Show)