Adam Levine Handles His Crazy Fans Like A Gosh-Darned Gentleman

Senior Writer
04.08.15 3 Comments

On Monday night, Adam Levine and Maroon 5 took over the Honda Center in Anaheim for their 2015 World Tour, and fans were probably diagnosed with diabetes from listening to the infectious pop hit “Sugar.” One fan was a little too into the show, as she put her presumably clean arrest record on the line by rushing the stage so she could get her crazy hands on the handsome Proactiv salesman’s sweaty fashion t-shirt. Or maybe she wanted to slap Levine a few times over “Animals” being played way too much in those Kia Soul commercials.

Either way, we can all learn an important lesson from Levine here on how to handle unexpected craziness. Sometimes, a simple hug can solve everything, so think about that the next time you consider shouting, “Suck my dick!” at a Taco Bell drive thru.

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