Adele Fights Sound Issues To Deliver Strong Rendition Of “All I Ask”

While she was not eligible for a Grammy nod at this year’s awards, Adele performed “All I Ask” off her album 25. The owner of the best selling album of 2015 interestingly chose not to perform here smash hit “Hello” or recently released single “When We Were Young,” perhaps in an effort to give some of her deeper cuts some exposure.

Adele appeared to run into some sound issues off the start, but she was able to power through and deliver a strong performance, a testament to her ability as a performer.

The British singer has already broken NSYNC’s first week sales record — once thought to be an impossibility in an era of streaming and illegal downloading. Now with 3.38 million units sold already, she figures to get another bump for making a Grammy appearance.

Don’t worry, Adele fans—she isn’t going to disappear again anytime soon. She recently announced a 2016 world tour, which will undoubtedly wind up as one of, if not the biggest of 2016. A grand world tour will be the perfect filler between now and next year’s Grammy awards, where she will most certainly receive multiple nods.

At this rate, by then, all 10 of of the tracks from 25 will see the top of the charts.