Watch Afroman Hit A Woman In The Face After She Jumps On Stage

Joseph Foreman, also known as Afroman, was in the middle of a guitar solo at a Mardi Gras show in Biloxi, Miss. when a woman walked onto the stage and shimmied up behind him. The first reaction might’ve been to turn around and see what happening, but clearly Afroman has been in a rough situation or two in during his day. His reaction is to turn and immediately wallop the lady in the face, sending her to the ground in a lump. From WLOX:

Seconds later, the video clearly show Afroman turning around, and throwing a punch that knocked the woman to the ground.

Biloxi police say that woman made a citizen’s arrest. She filed an affidavit against the entertainer. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor simple assault.

Afroman paid $330 cash to bond out of jail. According to Biloxi’s police chief, the musician “gave us no problem whatsoever.”

I have a hard time calling that a punch, mostly because I see visions of “Dr. D” David Schultz slapping John Stossel in the head. That’s an open hand slap if I’ve ever seen one.

It’s hard to know what will happen from here, but TMZ reports that there was allegedly little or no security at the event. I don’t know if you could blame Afroman for protecting himself, but the end result is still pretty rough.

(Via TMZ / WLOX)