There’s An AI Bot That Roasts Your Music Taste By Exploring Your Spotify History

We’re a few weeks removed from Spotify’s annual celebration of its users listening habits via Spotify Wrapped. If that had you feeling good about your music taste, there’s now an AI bot that will knock you down a peg and roast your favorite music.

How Bad Is Your Spotify?” is a project from The Pudding and it was created by Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels. The tagline when you first enter the site reads, “Our sophisticated A.I. judges your awful taste in music.” The bot is “trained on a corpus of over two million indicators of objectively good music, including Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and subreddits you’ve never heard of.”

Once I gave the site access to my Spotify listening history, it reported back to me, “Analyzing your listening history… lol. omg. okay hold up. Do you really listen to ‘In Degrees’ by Foals?” I responded affirmatively, and it fired back, “Like ironically?” When I again confirmed my reply, the site said, “Cool…” Elsewhere, the site noted, “Finding a lot of The Weeknd. Like… a LOT.” At the end, my music taste was described with hyphenated adjectives like “hxcore-falsetto-craft-beer-snob-sad-in-a-cabin bad.”

It’s good fun, but that said, it looks like the bot isn’t without bugs: It told me I listen to 100 Gecs’ “Hand Crushed By A Mallet (Remix) [Feat. Fall Out Boy, Craig Owens, Nicole Dollanganger]” too much, which doesn’t seem possible.

Check out the bot for yourself here.