Alicia Keys Stops NYC Traffic For An Impromptu Concert In Her ‘Love Looks Better’ Video

Hot on the heels of her recently-released record Alicia, Alicia Keys shares another powerful video accompanying one of her tracks. Following her “So Done” video with Khalid and her captivating Colors Show performance, Keys releases a visual for her soaring track “Love Looks Better.”

The visual opens with Keys being whisked away to a fancy event by her team. Just as the singer is stuffing her tulle skirt into the car, Alicia locks eyes with a young girl raising her first in the air in protest of racial injustice. Keys then stops traffic, dramatically throws off her skirt, hops into a pair of Timberland boots, and performs a concert to several NYC onlookers.

Ahead of releasing her soulful record, Keys just announced she’s partnering with the NFL for a massive donation. Earlier this month, Keys announced she was establishing a $1 billion endowment to Black-owned businesses to fight racial injustice in light of the NFL’s problematic approach to the Black Lives Matter movement. Speaking to Billboard about the endowment, Keys said:

“We are already seeing the blatant injustices that are going on around us. As an artist, I’m always thinking about how can I use my platform to further racial equity. This fund is one of the answers and our goal is to empower Black America through investing in Black businesses, Black investors, institutions, entrepreneurs, schools and banks in a way to create sustainable solutions. […] The initial goal of $1 billion is to ensure a substantial commitment. Even with that, it does not come close to closing the economic gap. The next steps are to reach out to different industries to invite them to invest in racial justice and create a multi-billion dollar endowment across business sectors.”

Watch the “Love Looks Better” video above.

Alicia is out now via RCA. Get it here.