Sure, Alt-J Is Exactly Who I Want To Give Me Condoms

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British indie rock band Alt-J‘s 2017 album Relaxer was particularly notable for the fuss that was created surrounding its lyrics. Songs like “Hit Me Like A Snare,” which boasted the opening “I’m at the door at a quarter to four / Poppers popping, baby, might take some more / I’m f*cking loose, you’re gorgeous, I don’t care / Come closer, baby, slap me like that snare,” found the band in unexpected sexually explicit territory, which isn’t necessarily where you want your friendly neighborhood indie band to dip their toes.

For their upcoming tour, which includes a stop at Coachella, the trio is doubling down on the sexiness by teaming with Lifebeat to hand out condoms and teach about safe sex at their concerts. It’s great that the band that sings about “happy wizards scissoring” wants people to know about the risks associated with wizard scissoring, too. Jokes aside, this sounds like a good cause that will hopefully help prevent any unwanted babies or the spread of diseases that could come after watching three white dudes groove to some mind-melting strobe lights.

The band wrote on Twitter:

“We’re teaming up with @Lifebeat to talk about safe sex, risks + support services while on the road this spring. Look for them at our upcoming shows to say hi, grab some condoms and learn how to stay safe.”

Alt-J hit the road starting on April 10 in Salt Lake City.