The ‘American Idol’ Singer Katy Perry Kissed Got His ‘Real’ First Kiss From His New Girlfriend


When Katy Perry planted an unexpected kiss on American Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze during the show’s recent season premiere, it seemed like the young singer got to live out the fantasy of many men. Well, some would say that is what he did, but it wasn’t his fantasy. In fact, he was fairly upset about it, saying in a new interview with Inside Edition:

“I was slightly uncomfortable only because of the fact that she was a stranger. It wasn’t that she was older; it wasn’t the fact that I was creeped out by it, or feeling like I’d been taken advantage of. It was just unexpected. I just wanted it not to be a complete stranger. Obviously it is not a complete stranger… Katy Perry isn’t a stranger. I just wanted my first kiss to be someone I knew personally.”

In another interview, though, he said, “[My friends] agreed with me that it didn’t really count. It was lip contact versus a romantic situation with someone you care about. That’s what a real first kiss is.” Now, the 19-year-old singer finally got his “real” first kiss.

Glaze told Inside Edition that he began dating his new girlfriend Carrie after his American Idol audition, and said that his first kiss was “incredibly special.” When asked if he considers his kiss with hew girlfriend to be his first, he responded, “Katy Perry was my first kiss, but if you really sat me down and asked me, I would tell you about how our first kiss was and it was just as special as I wanted it to be.”

Watch the Inside Edition segment here.