Anderson .Paak Tries To Save A Relationship On The Smokey Robinson-Featuring ‘Make It Better’

Anderson .Paak, winner of the 2019 Best Rap Performance Grammy, is teaming up with another Grammy winner and Lifetime Achievement award winner in Smokey Robinson for his newest song. While teasing his new album, Ventura, set for release later this month, .Paak officially released his new song titled “Make It Better” featuring Smokey Robinson. Last month, he released another song, “King James,” from the anticipated album.

The song speaks about trying to making new memories with an old lover. .Paak spoke about how he could relate to this as he’s been with his wife for a number of years now. The song paints itself as two people drifting apart working at making it work even with all the outside distractions such as other people and the pressures of the world. This was a special opportunity for .Paak because he was able to work with a legend and well-respected artist and songwriter in Smokey Robinson.

“He’s still got it,” .Paak told Beats 1. “He came through. He said, ‘You gotta make it nice, baby. You gotta say something sweet to her, baby. If you want her to fall in love, you gotta make love to her with your words, man.’ I was like, ‘Smokey, this is what I have.’ You know. My original was like, ‘It’s easier to run away than to eat what’s on your f*cking plate,’ and he was like, ‘No baby. What in the hell? No, no.’ And then he came back. He said, ‘Burn me a disc, one with the instrumental, one with the lyrics. Ima come back. Ima have it ready for you.’ Came back, ‘It’s easier to run away than to look at what would make you stay.'”