André 3000 Truly Wishes He Could ‘Be Out Here With Everybody Rapping’ But Just Doesn’t Feel Like He Can

André 3000 surprised the world recently with a new album, New Blue Sun. It was a shock because it was an unexpected new album from André, and because it didn’t feature any rapping. That doesn’t mean the former Outkast member doesn’t want to rap, though.

In a recent CBS Mornings interview, André explained, “When people ask me about a rap album… man, I would love a rap album, I’m with you. I want to be with you when I’m really on it, you know what I mean?”

CBS Mornings‘ Anthony Mason asked why he doesn’t feel like he’s “on it,” and André responded, “That, I have no idea. I write down ideas and lyrics all the time. And maybe I haven’t found the music that’s inspiring enough for me to want to write raps to, or maybe I got to find a new way to rap. If I don’t feel like I’m doing something, it don’t matter to me.”

André also spoke about why he didn’t have a desire to participate in any of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop celebrations that took place in 2023, saying, “I don’t necessarily like looking back. I wouldn’t want to be in a place where I’m doing it on some… just because I’m trying to meet an expectation.”

Check out the full interview above.