André 3000 Is Working On A New Album And Has 9 Songs Done Already, According To Killer Mike

It’s been a long time since André 3000 and Big Boi operated together as Outkast, and appearances from the more elusive half of that duo have gotten fewer and further between since then. However, we recently got a new André 3000 verse on Killer Mike’s new album Michael on the song “Scientists & Engineers,” and if Mike’s to be believed, there’s much more coming in the near future. Mike recently told Sway In The Morning that Three Stacks had played him “nine” songs for him and that he’s flying out in a few weeks to listen to it. You can check a clip below, courtesy of HipHop-N-More:

Mike had previously revealed that “Scientists & Engineers” was almost shelved at André’s request until he heard the completed version with Eryn Allen Kane singing the chorus. After the song was initially recorded, Mike said, André wanted to nix the collab: “He called me, he’s like, ‘Kill, I don’t know about the song, man. We just got a good rap record, man.’ And then Cuz [Lightyear] was like, ‘You sent him the final record?’ I’m like, ‘Nah.’ I sent it over with Eryn’s hook and stuff. He hit back with, ‘Yeah, yeah, you got the record. Who is that?!’ So thank you, Eryn, I really appreciate you for that.”

However, they also recorded another song with a seven-minute André verse, as Mike told The Breakfast Club, so here’s hoping we get that one — along with the rest of André’s album, sooner rather than later.