Andre 3000 Says He’s Got ‘Hours And Hours’ Of Unheard Music Sitting Around On Hard Drives At Home

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It’s to the never-ending frustration of OutKast and Andre 3000 fans that we haven’t gotten any real kind of release from one of the most legendary MCs to ever hold a mic or put pad to paper in a minute. Sure, the guest appearances on Frank Ocean’s most recent album, Solange’s A Seat At The Table, and the farewell A Tribe Called Quest album We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service, have all be very welcome, but we need more! As it turns out Three Stacks has a whole mound of new material just sitting there too.

“When I pass away, people will find hours and hours of files…hard drives and sh*t,” he recently told GQ. It’s hard drives of me just in the house alone playing horrible guitar. Me playing piano. Me playing a little sax. I was trying to find out: What can I be excited about? Because I never was, to me, a great producer or a great writer or a great rapper.”

He also talked about approaching the end of his music career, comparing himself to Floyd Mayweather. “He knows. He’s like, yeah, I can fight maybe three more of ’em. But I’m slowing down, and I see these young kids coming up and I was them. And at a certain point, no matter how Mayweather you are, I think it’s classy to be like, you know what? [brushes off hands].” Adding, “I think I have, like, maybe two more Mayweather fights… Or maybe one.”

Then, he brought up his partner Big Boi, praising his skills on the mic, and declaring him the superior MC. “Big Boi can rap better than me—I always said that,” he declared. “If somebody said, ‘Pick who you want from Outkast to go to battle with you,’ it wouldn’t be me. ’Cause like, what I’ma do? Say some mind shit? You can’t have thoughts in a battle—nobody gives a shit about that.”

You can check out the entire interview over at GQ.