Andrew Yang Recruited MC Jin To Make A Hip-Hop Track For His New York City Mayoral Campaign

Today’s April Fool’s Day holiday has left people all over the world on their toes in hopes that they didn’t fall for one of the many joke traps various people and companies lay all over the Internet. So when Andrew Yang dropped his new political campaign track, one that featured rapping by MC Jin, folks were a bit skeptical about it. To the surprise of many, however, it is very real.

Yang, who is currently running for New York City mayor, announced and released the track on Thursday through his Instagram page. Entitled, “Yang For NY,” the track comes with vocals from MC Jin and arrives with a video that presents Jin as a mixtape hustler trying to sell CDs of the track. The visual also captures him rapping throughout New York City while Yang speaks face-to-face with New Yorkers.

Jin shared the video on his Instagram with a message in its caption. “When @andrewyang called me and told me that he would be running for mayor of NYC, I thought he had a position at city hall in mind for me,” he said. “But I guess creating the official anthem is probably more up my alley! #YangForNY.” Prior to the track’s release, Yang and Jin joined forces for a sit-down on Yang’s Yang Speaks podcast where Jin opened up about being the first solo Asian American rapper to land a major record label deal in the United States.

You can watch the video above.

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