Angel Haze And Azealia Banks Are Having The Dumbest Twitter Feud Ever

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01.04.13 4 Comments

To be fair, “Twitter feud” is an inherently dumb phrase, but this is extra confusing and pointless and idiotic, especially if you imagine that ADORABLE blue bird overseeing everything: Angel Haze and Azealia Banks, two rappers we otherwise enjoy, especially Haze, whose Reservation EP was one of 2012’s most pleasant surprises, spent much of yesterday trading barbs via Twitter, after Banks claimed, “Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY….DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER.” Haze, who hails from Detroit, took that as a burn towards her, due to the “I run New York” refrain in her breakthrough track, “New York.”

And then came the following (excerpted) Twitter chat, beginning with Banks.

“@angelhaze hahahaa.. i see ur TL… first off… NOBODY WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU. second off…. weren’t you the same girl in your interviews + on twitter saying you want to eat my pu**y and sh*t… ??? third off…. you are not from new york. lol so whats the problem with me now? are you mad i rejected your sexual advances? Angel Haze has a crush on me. Thats it. Case Closed.”

To which Haze replied:

“Begging me to come hang out with you and your fat friends? You still wear rocawear. U are null and Tf void, RATpunzel. @AZEALIABANKS. You don’t want this f*cking work. Bitch get those f*ck ass paraplegic dicks out your tw*t and step the fuck on. @AZEALIABANKS.”

Then added:

“First off, we all know nobody wants that sewage sweat pu**y of yours. @AZEALIABANKS. Second off weren’t you the same bitch in my texts? Bitch I got these screenshots.”

To cap things off, Haze recorded a diss track directed toward Banks, bragging, “here’s what 20 minutes in the studio gets you.” The key line: “I want you bitches so scared that you mental break/ So you’ll forever be broke with expensive taste,” a reference to Banks’ much-delayed debut album, yup, Broke with Expensive Taste.

Those supposed “screenshots” appear on the album artwork for “On the Edge,” and…well, you get the idea of what we’re dealing with here. As someone who IS from New York, I’d like to settle this argument once and for all and say: as long as you don’t refer to Westchester as “Upstate New York,” then who gives a sh*t?

But the Westchester thing? That’s cause for a MULTI social media platform all-out brawl.

(Via Rap Dose)

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