Anycia And Latto Are ‘Back Outside’ To Show Off Atlanta’s Southside With A Gritty New Collaboration

If there’s one thing Latto is going to do, it’s to pay homage to Atlanta. Throughout her music, the Clayco native never misses a chance to big up the city that made her a household name. Latto’s latest guest appearance on Anycia’s new song “Back Outside” is just the latest of many dirty South collaborations to come.

The record, co-produced by JetsonMade, brings rap fans into the gritty sound of the city’s south end. “I’m a southside b*tch to the grave / I’m a real ass b*tch to the tomb / Million dollar convos on Zoom, get wet I don’t gotta use lube / You a friendly-ass b*tch, I’m rude / Popped out with a brand-new dude / Popped out with a brand-new team / Walked in, smell good, I’m tea,” raps Anycia.

Latto echos that same matter-of-fact energy across her verse, rapping, “I’m a Southside b*tch to the grave / I’m a Southside b*tch to the hearse / Hop out the G-Wag, hop out the vert / M’s off brand deals, M’s off merch / Got a b*tch driveway looking like Hertz.”

When the musical link-up was teased in 2023, users online pushed back against it, demanding Latto work with “more established artists.” But she quickly shut that down, pouring love into Anycia, who has been building up a solid discography for herself.

Anycia took to X (formerly Twitter) to thank Latto for being so supportive.

Listen to Anycia’s new single “Back Outside” featuring Latto above.