Aphex Twin Just Put Over Two Gigs Of His Music Online, For Free

Richard D. James just removed the majority of the music that was on his official SoundCloud account. After waiting roughly 13-years to release last year’s fantastic album Syro, the artist known as Aphex Twin had been uploading a steady slew of unheard songs, demos and other rare works to the streaming service. But now, his SoundCloud lays bare.

According to The Guardian, Mr. James has followed in the footsteps of artists like Adele, Hozier, and Kelly Clarkson who have also removed music from their prospective SoundClouds. While no official reason has been given, the music hosting service has recently had monetization issues.

Don’t fret fellow IDM fans, for the man has now made all 207 tracks available in one zip file to download for free. Until there is further explanation for the move, fans can access the “liner notes” by viewing this multi-page Google Doc that includes further intricate details about the recordings.

(Via The Guardian)