Watch A Pop Star Get Killed … On ‘Scream Queens’

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09.23.15 3 Comments

Scream Queens spoilers ahead.

Those of you still raging over DonutGate/Amerighazi will be happy to know that Ariana Grande got Psycho’d on the first episode of Ryan Murphy’s new show Scream Queens.

In spite of the fact that Grande featured heavily in the advertising run-up to the new series, her character, Chanel #2, couldn’t make it through the first episode without getting got. Grande was offed in the goofiest way imaginable, as she texted back and forth with her murderer. Who was on the other end of the phone? We’ll have to wait for the rest of the season to play out to learn that.

Grande wasn’t the only musician to get axed in the premiere. Nick Jonas’ character was killed by the Red Devil as well, but his death appeared a bit less permanent than Grande’s.

If her untimely exit from the show wasn’t enough to get you back on #TeamAriana, check out her amazing impersonations of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. No matter how you feel, it’s unfair to hold her up as someone who is almost as bad as Bill Cosby.

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