Ariana Grande Is Keeping Up Her Rhyming Skills On ‘Knew Better Part Two’

Ariana Grande is a clear, textbook case of a woman madly in love. Dangerous Woman, her latest album, definitely has a few romantic bops — “Into You” is a little more sweet, “Side to Side” is a little more nasty — but lately she’s been on a particularly lovestruck tear. Following her bedroom ready “Into You” remix featuring her new man Mac Miller, she’s come back for more with a sequel to her track “Knew Better/Forever Boy”

In lieu of the slower, echoing original, this time around things are a little more uptempo with a hip-hop friendly beat. And in that vein, Ariana even raps halfway through the freebie track, showing that her skills that she showed off on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the other day weren’t just a one time deal. With bars like “Got a new dude and some new shoes/ just to go with my new boo,” she’s clearly unafraid to show how sprung she is.

This all is in addition to Mac’s own album, The Divine Feminine, which is dropping on September 16. The record is apparently fully dedicated to matters of the heart, being filled only with love songs. Clearly, romance has done right by these two.