Ariel Pink’s Girlfriend Defends His ‘Tone Deaf’ Stage Antics’ And Says Feminists ‘Victimized’ Her

10.19.17 5 months ago

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A few days ago, an anonymous Reddit poster wrote that at Ariel Pink’s October 14 show at the Chapel in San Francisco, the singer got uncomfortably aggressive with his girlfriend and bandmate Charlotte Ercoli during the show. “He kept grabbing her like a piece of meat,” the post reads, “grabbed her ankle and wouldn’t let her go, attempting to push her into the crowd which she was clearly uncomfortable with, and the most offensive scene was when he literally pinned her down to the stage and got on top of her in a very assault-y fashion.”

Now, Pink has addressed the incident with a series of tweets in which he comes off as apologetic and calls himself “tone deaf,” saying, “Someone recommended I touch base with my fanbase, which I guess is you, Twitter. Rant #1: My first night in San Francisco was a blast. I got very drunk and overdid everything, wrecked my vocal chords, and managed offend with my antics. Over the next three nights, I toned the ‘theatrics,’ but not the voice. Admittedly, [opener John Maus] was a hard act to follow and I was nervous. Sometimes I alienate when I should aim to inspire. This, for instance. STOP. I’m tone deaf and not sensitive enough to the real plight of women these days. My behavior on stage was gross and I can’t defend it.”

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