Armand Hammer Aren’t Just Ahead Of Their Time — They’re Making Bold Music For Now

Hip-hop duo Armand Hammer have been making bold and thought-provoking music for just shy of a decade — but don’t call them ahead of their time. Rather, rappers Billy Woods and Elucid are making music for now. After putting out several records, including the 2021 LP Haram with Eminem’s current DJ, The Alchemist, Armand Hammer are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Charting their success in a recent Magnum Scenes video presented by Uproxx, Armand Hammer explain why they live up to their label as the “best lyricists on the planet.”

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Elucid never second-guesses himself when it comes to his music. That’s why when he first discovered Billy Woods, he knew they were destined to be musical partners. Known for his quick-witted lyrics, Woods’ love of the written word was inherited from his Shakespearean scholar mother. “For me, the trust was almost immediate because I’ve seen what he could do by himself,” Elucid said of the duo’s creative connection.

Armand Hammer didn’t pop off overnight. Instead, they made a name for themselves organically by booking their own shows with their favorite creatives. At the time, Elucid says a certain type of rap was “pushed to the side” in favor of commercially successful music. But Armand Hammer have always stayed true to their sound. “I still have a little bit of a chip on my shoulder about that because I never stopped doing the thing they said stop doing,” Elucid said.

Elsewhere in the video, Armand Hammer talk about their indie record label Backwoodz Studioz, so check out the above and explore the other musicians covered in the Magnum Scenes series here.

Additional footage by Alexander Richter