The NYPD Has Arrested Two People In The 2015 Murder Of Queens Rapper Chinx

After two and a half years, the NYPD have found the people they believe are responsible for killing Queens rapper Chinx Drugz. The Coke Boys member and French Montana associate, born Lionel Pickens, was shot after leaving a club appearance on May 17th, 2015. While his Porsche was at a red light, the 31-year-old was accosted and shot multiple times in the torso. A passenger in the car, Coke Boys affiliate Yemen, was also shot in the back. Chinx was driven to Jamaica Hospital in Queens where he was pronounced dead from his injuries.

Like with so many hip-hop related homicides, rumors swirled but there was little inclination that police had strong leads on who committed the crime. The case re-emerged in the public eye when so-called “hip-hop cop” Derrick Parker recently went on VladTV, where he stated that he thought Chinx’ murder was a setup. Just a month or so later, New York’s Pix11 reported 32-year-old Quincy Homere of Long Island was arrested and charged with murder, attempted murder, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Update: Pix11 reports that 26-year-old Jamar Hill, also of Long Island, was arrested and charged as well. NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill says Hill and Homere followed Chinx and Yemen from Brooklyn Club Red Wolf into Queens, where they shot the two.

Update #2: A Fox New York report cites sources that claim the alleged shooters sought out Chinx because of a dispute one of them had with him over a phone when they were previously incarcerated on Rikers Island. One of the men was an aspiring rapper who “became obsessed with Chinx’s demise” according to the sources.

We will update this post with any further developments in the story.