ASAP Ferg Gifts Fans The Ultimate Birthday Party Favor By Dropping A ‘New Level’ Remix

Though most of us are beyond the age where we find it necessary to give gifts to those who attend our birthday parties, A$AP Ferg evidently stills see the value in a good ol’ fashioned goodie bag.

Leading up to the would be 28-year-old rapper’s big day, Ferg teased on Twitter that he’d be releasing “something special” on his actual birthday.

Yet, in archetypical, overzealous birthday boy fashion, the “Shabba” artist just couldn’t wait and ultimately released his remix for “New Level” a day before he initially intended.

Employing the talents of both his “bro” A$AP Rocky and Lil Uzi Vert, the “New Level” remix is a more powerful and head banging version of its predecessor.

Mirroring the sharpness and vigor of the upgraded beat, the song’s lyrics are also enhanced to create a more potent message.

While both possess the same time honored rags to riches narrative, the remix also makes a point of explicitly denouncing racism that continues to plague our country with Ferg rapping, “Jim Crow is back at it” and “I’m feelin’ like “f*ck the system now, cause all they do is shoot my people down.”

Just as in the original, Future is featured in the remix which also makes use of the same suspenseful and haunting intro as its forebear.

Though it’s unlikely the rest of society will follow A$AP Ferg’s lead, if other rappers want to give out party favors in the form of new music on their respective special days, we’re all for it.