ASAP Rocky Discusses Being Charged For Attempted Murder As A Teenager

Angie Martinez’ new series Untold Stories Of Hip-Hop has yielded some revealing conversations, like when Cardi B spoke about the time she was sexually assaulted by a photographer. A guest on one of the show’s recent episodes was ASAP Rocky, and during his chat with Martinez, he spoke about the time he was charged with attempted murder, when he was only 16 years old.

As Complex notes, Rocky told host Angie Marinez that due to the fact he had money from selling drugs as a teenager, he was targeted by a bully. After an exchange, Rocky confronted the bully again, and when the altercation became violent, Rocky pulled out his gun and started firing shots. Rocky said, “I just started letting off. I ain’t want to hit him.” Ultimately, Rocky was arrested and charged with attempted murder, although the charge was later reduced.

During the same episode, Rocky also spoke about his history with sex addiction, saying he has dealt with it since middle school: “I ain’t even have no sperm in my testicles yet but I literally was horny. I’ve been a sex addict for some time, yeah. […] These are things that people stay away from. They don’t like to admit. I can’t be embarrassed about it. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I don’t do nothin’ that I’m not proud of speaking of.”