ASAP Rocky Is Worried The Rap Community Is Stuck On The ‘Same Problems’ In His New Song

On the heels of his debut album, Long. Live. ASAP.‘s 10th anniversary, ASAP Rocky has shared a new song. In his latest cut, “Same Problems,” Rocky laments the problems in the rap community, including violence and drugs. The song features minimalist production, allowing listeners to focus on Rocky’s soft vocals, as he sings in a forlorn, crestfallen manner.

“How many problems get solved? / Am I a product of things that I saw? / How many problems get solved? / Am I proud of the things in my songs? /How many problems get solved? / Am I a product of all of my flaws? How many problems get solved if we don’t get involved?” he sings in the song’s chorus.

“Same Problems” arrives on the 8-year anniversary of ASAP Mob founder ASAP Yam’s death. Earlier in the week, Rocky released a reworked visual for his song, “Angels,” which featured Yams with a halo digitally imposed above his head.

In an interview with Interview back in June, Rocky recalled how he coped with Yams’ death and how it put him on edge for the future. “I think that I’m more afraid of not knowing what’s next,” he said. “That’s a little scary. I have to accept it, but I’m not ready to die.”

Check out “Same Problems” above.