A Video Allegedly Shows ASAP Rocky Fighting A Man In The Streets Of Stockholm

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ASAP Rocky is scheduled to perform a show Tuesday night in Stockholm, Sweden alongside Migos. A hand-record video surfaced Monday which allegedly shows the “Praise The Lord” rapper getting into a physical altercation with a man on the streets of Stockholm.

The video, obtained by TMZ, begins with a shot of what appears to be Rocky through a shop window. He is seen wearing a white hoodie. A group of about four people surround the rapper, and their body language shows there to be a mild disagreement.

The video then abruptly cuts to a shot on the street where Rocky grabs a man by his t-shirt and throws him to the ground. Three others join in kicking and punching the man on the ground. The video cuts to various shots of the fight seen from different bystanders. Rocky and his crew slowly walk down the street at the end of the video with no clear resolution as to what happened to the victim.

The TMZ report gives some context to the situation. Allegedly, the disagreement seen from inside a shop window happened when someone stepped in to translate Rocky’s message to the white t-shirt victim. His message was “stop following us … or else.” Rocky had reportedly broken the headphones of the victim which sparked the conflict. An ambulance showed up shortly after Rocky and his crew had left.

TMZ’s report states Stockholm law enforcement had not received information that Rocky was involved in a fight. Sources close to the rapper said he and his crew were responding to “an assault.” Check out the footage here.