Ashanti Seemingly Responds To Irv Gotti’s Comments About Her On A New Diddy Remix: ‘It’s Giving Obsessed’

The remix of Diddy and Bryson Tiller’s “Gotta Move On” featuring Ashanti and Yung Miami is making the rounds. It was premiered on Hot 97’s Funk Flex, per HipHopDX, and Diddy discussed the record on The Breakfast Club last week.

“Yung Miami was really supposed to just do it for a challenge. She wanted to do the open mic challenge. She really loved the record,” Diddy explained. “But Ashanti … I think that music and art could give you a chance to speak your mind when it comes to the love territory. After I seen Irv [Gotti] do his thing, and I was just thinking, I was like, Sis may wanna express herself on this song.”

Charlamagne Tha God asked if the “Gotta Move On” remix is Ashanti’s rebuttal to Irv Gotti’s August comments on Drink Champs about his past relationship with Ashanti and bitterly finding out she was dating Nelly. “Yeah, like, we talk about whatever’s going through our lives,” Diddy responded. “And Irv is my man, and I knew Ashanti before. Ashanti was, like, 14. And I just felt like with the music, I’m trying to get real truth out the music. I was calling different that maybe had public relationships because when I made the record, it was from my public relationship and me having to move on.”

Ashanti seems to have gladly taken the opportunity to air her annoyance toward Gotti. “You thought that you could have her on the weekends,” she sings in her verse. “Now you mad ’cause I told you I was leaving / I’m gone, I’m done … It’s giving obsessed, it’s giving me stressed, it’s giving me pressed / It’s giving this missing the best / But it’s been 20 years / Please say less … Yeah, you gotta move on.”

Gotti talked about his relationship with Ashanti from two decades ago while promoting his BET Murder Inc. documentary. The tea began spilling around the 52-minute mark of the 3-plus-hour episode of Drink Champs when Gotti explained how Ashanti’s “Happy” record “came about because of our energy,” which he claimed he isn’t hung up on anymore but clearly is.

Gotti also claimed he reached out to Ashanti to “tell her side of the story” for the Murder Inc. doc, “but she’s never gonna do that because she’s never gonna say she was in love with me [and] she’s never gonna say we was together.”

Gotta received immediate blowback for his comments, including from Ja Rule, who was on the Drink Champs episode with him. To catch up on all the drama, watch Diddy on Breakfast Club or Gotti on Drink Champs below.