You Can Play Music Trivia With An Astronaut In Outer Space For Prizes

12.21.15 3 years ago

When you are an astronaut in outer space, unless you are turning into a Star Baby, you’ve got time to kill. Astronaut Tim Peake is no different, even though he’s a British astronaut. Like many astronauts these days, Peake uses Twitter to interact with people down on Earth while he is up on the International Space Station. Recently, he decided to incorporate music into his interactions.

Peake has begun a competition called the #spacerocks quiz. Peake has a 75-track playlist with him up on the ISS, and he plans on tweeting out lyrics from some of these songs. The first person to respond with the song title and artist wins a prize. Basically, it’s not all that different from a radio call-in contest, only instead of dealing with a terrestrial DJ, the contest holder is an astronaut.

The first song, fittingly enough, was “If There’s a Rocket, Tie Me to It,” by Snow Patrol. The prize? A commemorative patch, not unlike one an astronaut would have. It looks pretty cool, although it also reads “#spacerocks with @astro_timpeake,” which doesn’t exactly read as prestigious. Also, what is probably supposed to be the ISS looks like a razor blade floating in outer space.

So, if you want to try and win yourself one of these patches, get on the ol’ Twitter. Although, considering you can just search for lyrics online, and also considering the fact that Peake’s playlist is on Spotify, it’s not exactly the most difficult of competitions. But hey, who would turn down free stuff? Space stuff!

(Via Mashable)

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