The ‘Atlanta’ Cast Dancing To TLC’s ‘Creep’ In Silk Pajamas Is The Mid-Week Pickup You Need

In last week’s episode of Atlanta, the star trio of Earn, Alfred, and Darius (played respectively by show producer/creator Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, and Lakeith Stanfield) take a road trip to a nearby college for a performance at the school’s Pajama Jam. Getting into the spirit of the event, they show up in matching, multicolored silk pajamas — but not just any matching, multicolored silk pajamas. They’re wearing the same outfits from the video of iconic Atlanta R&B trio TLC’s breakthrough single “Creep.” It’s an absolute shame they never take the reference to its logical end by performing the signature dance from the music video — or is it?

Over the weekend, Atlanta executive producer and director Hiro Murai shared the inevitable footage of the boys getting down to “Creep,” cut from the episode for unknown reasons. It turned out to be a popular clip, eventually reaching the eyes of TLC themselves, who posted their approval to Twitter, telling Donald Glover, “Y’all look good in them silk PJs.”

And while the events of the episode didn’t end so well for Earn, Donald Glover has been on a winning streak of late, stealing the spotlight in posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story as Lando Calrissian and scoring a dual hosting and performing gig on an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. That episode will air this Saturday, May 5.