This 7-Year-Old Autistic Boy Absolutely Nails Taylor Swift Songs On The Piano

Jacob Velazquez is only 7, but he isn’t letting autism stand in the way of his dreams. The Miami native and piano-playing prodigy has appeared on Good Morning America, The View and more, and is even recording his debut album. Even with all that exposure, the one audience member he seeks, Taylor Swift, has eluded him. Until now.

Velazquez finally caught his idol’s attention with a YouTube video this week in which he runs through a slew of her hits on his piano.

Velazquez was diagnosed with autism at age 4, and the foundation Autism Speaks tweeted out his video, which Swift retweeted. “I’m your biggest fan and I hope you can sign this for me one day,” he says while holding up a copy of 1989. “I hope we can jam and I can play something for you and it goes something like this.”

Jacob then launches into a 6-minute-long medley of Taylor’s hits: “Bad Blood,” “I Know Places,” “I Wish You Would,” “Blank Space,” “Welcome To New York,” and “Shake It Off.”

According to Jacob’s mom, “He dreams (literally has dreams) of meeting (Taylor) every night,” and now his dream will apparently be coming true after she saw his video.

Which of course left the 7-year-old double-exclamation-points levels excited.

With Jacob’s birthday on Sept. 29, and Taylor’s 1989 tour touching down in Miami on Oct. 27, it seems the stars have aligned and Jacob and Taylor will be crossing paths very soon.

(Via Time and Autism Speaks)