A Video Of A Baby Crowdsurfing At A Flo Rida Concert Is Absolutely Wild Stuff

Flo Rida was in for a wild ride when he performed at Erie, Pennyslvania’s CelebrateErie music festival over the weekend. During his show, a parent in the crowd put their baby up to crowdsurf — and the child eventually made its way to the musician, who was performing in the middle of the audience.

Despite the wild nature of the video and experience, Flo Rida welcomed the child with open arms. He held the toddler as he continued to perform with his microphone in the other hand.

The child was then brought onto the actual stage at some point, as he is lifted into the air while “GDFR” is blasting. According to HotNewHipHop, Flo Rida also kissed the baby and held the mic for him to try to sing, and then a fan on stage took a selfie with the child.

While it’s still unclear why or who put their baby up to be passed on stage to Flo Rida, he clearly didn’t seem to mind the interruption. And hey, the child has a truly chaotic story to tell when he gets older — just as long as he takes a pause from the audience encounters.

Check out the video of the baby crowdsurfing at Flo Rida above.