Flo Rida’s Hits Gave The Courtroom Energy During His Testimony Against Celsius

Flo Rida is suing fitness drink company Celsius for over $30,000, claiming breach of contract, unpaid royalties, exclusion from stock options, and more. The lawsuit states, “Even Celsius’ top management publicly recognized that the partnership between Flo Rida and Celsius accelerated the introduction of the Celsius brand to millions around the world and allowed Celsius to finally succeed at new levels.”

The rapper is known for having a good time, and he has managed to bring that energy into the courtroom. As they played a snippet of his 2015 hit “My House,” he bobbed his head along to the rhythm. Afterward, he said, “I can perform better than I can talk,” prompting laughter from the room.

He couldn’t hold himself back when they played a clip of “Low” either. According to Miami New Times, some jurors were mouthing the words to the song.

The legal team for Celsius attempted to object to the playing of “Right Round.” The judge overruled them, and when asked about the popularity of the song, Flo Rida said that “just about everybody will know this record.” He bobbed his head some more, looking like he desperately wanted to start singing along. The video, of course, went viral on TikTok.