Flo Rida Sipped Celsius After Winning $82 Million In His Lawsuit Against The Energy Drink

Flo Rida kicked off 2023 with a lawsuit. Suing the energy drink brand Celsius, the rapper accused the company of breach of contract, unpaid royalties, exclusion from stock options, and more during their partnership. “Even Celsius’ top management publicly recognized that the partnership between Flo Rida and Celsius accelerated the introduction of the Celsius brand to millions around the world and allowed Celsius to finally succeed at new levels,” the lawsuit read.

It was reported today, January 18, that the “Low” rapper has come out of the lawsuit victorious, winning a whopping $82 million. And he had the perfect reaction: “I just want to say God is good, in Jesus name,” he said in court, before sipping a can of Celsius.

“This was a long journey, but we prevailed. From the start I only wanted what I worked for, nothing more, nothing less,” Flo Rida said to reporters outside the courtroom, per NBC 6. “I gained a new respect for the judicial system, most importantly, and I just want to say God bless America.”

There have been quite a few headlines about this case, including the time several of his songs were played in the courtroom and prompted the rapper to bob his head while jurors reportedly were mouthing the words.