Baby Tate Claps Back At Hitmaka With A Flawless Flow For Talking About ‘P*ssy Rappers’

A couple of days ago, producer Hitmaka made a blatantly sexist tweet: “Can’t wait to work with a pretty female rapper that’s strictly about bars to even the playing field,” he wrote. “Pussy rap was cool when it had shock value & was rare. Now it’s like every girl taking it there. It’s sum who aren’t but they need a hit producer 4 impact.” He’s been getting torn to shreds in the quote-tweets and Baby Tate is joining in on the fun.

In a successful effort to prove Hitmaka wrong, Tate shared a video of her rapping a flawless flow about misogyny in the rap world. It’s not without straightforward jabs: “You probably couldn’t pull a b*tch / Even if the b*tch was a service dog.” She also calls him out by name with the clever line: “Makahit for yourself.” It ends with a scratching closer: “Can you tell me why you’re talking all this sh*t when your biggest recent hit was ‘Thot Box’?”

Of course the clip of this rap immediately went viral and had rap fans tearing Hitmaka to shreds again for his statement. People who weren’t even fans of her before are officially converting. We think it’s safe to say she won.

Baby Tate is a Warner Music artist. .