Bad Bunny And Mick Jagger Turned Up The Drama In A Heated Novela On ‘Saturday Night Live’

It was a star-studded night on tonight’s broadcast of Saturday Night Live. While Bad Bunny was certainly the star of the show, some of his special friends swung by, amping up the razzle-dazzle.

In a hilarious sketch, Bunny and Marcello Hernandez star in a novela called El Pasion De Las Padillas. And as with any novela, the stakes and drama were at a high. In the sketch, Bowen Yang directs a scene, which Bunny and Hernandez just can seem to get right. In tandem with the filming, Punkie Johnson further delivers on the comedy with her misunderstandings of Spanish, which lead to some quick-witted jokes, and ultimately, Johnson’s own show.

But shortly before, as drama ensues between Bunny and Hernandez, whose characters are playing brothers in the scene, the patriarch of the Padillas arrives to set. The father? The one and only Rolling Stones lead vocalist Mick Jagger.

Last Friday, Bunny released his fifth studio album, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana, which has since received much acclaim. This weekend, Jagger is also riding a high with his Rolling Stones bandmates, as the British rockstars just released their 26th album, Hackney Diamonds.

You can see the SNL sketch above.