Crate-Digging: Rainbow Chan, Flowerbed, And More Bandcamp Albums From June


Crate Digging is Uproxx Music’s monthly exploration of the depths of DIY music distribution platform Bandcamp, in an effort to unearth some hidden gem albums that just might find their spot among your favorites.

There’s a reason that certain artists define our culture: Their work is exciting, thought-provoking, fascinating, or just flat-out fun. It’s important to recognize those who have risen to the top and appreciate what it is that got them there and how they manage to stay there. At the same time, however, it’s also valuable to understand the broader musical context. There’s a lot going on beyond the chart-toppers, and sometimes, some truly great work goes under-appreciated. That’s why every month, I dig through DIY music distribution platform Bandcamp and share my favorite albums that hit the service over the past few weeks.

The best Bandcamp albums from this month include Texas shoegaze/dream pop and expertly crafted alternative pop, so check them out below.

5. Kingdom Of The Holy Sun — In The Shadows

This Seattle group does their best to embody the spirit of classic psychedelia in 2019, and they do a pretty fine job at it. Songs like “Buffalo Byrds” would feel at home in the flower power era. Elsewhere on the album, there are plenty of satisfying journeys back through time, perfect for those looking for a nostalgia hit minus the songs they’ve heard a thousand times already.

4. Liam Duncan — If I Don’t Feel Better