You Need To See This NSFW Banjo Version Of ‘My Neck, My Back’

So, remember when Khia was selling her exclusive appearances to perform her salacious hit “My Neck, My Back” at your local cookout? It really warmed the hearts of thousands of Khia fans who just wanted to know she was okay, and would be spreading joy with the best instructional sex song since “Do Me, Baby.”

Either way, Khia’s signature song is alive and well in this great banjo rendition by one “Johnny Banjo.” Who is Johnny Banjo? It might not matter so much as what Johnny Banjo does… freak the remix for ya. Oh, and freak it he does, with his own added verse that is — if you can imagine — raunchier and more explicit than the original. Apparently, there are way more places than the neck and the back we ought to be paying attention to, and Johnny Banjo runs down all of ’em.

It just goes to show that an uncensored sexy song has a shelf life of forever… as long as someone wants to re-imagine it.

(via YouTube)

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