Justin Bieber Opens Up About Crying At The VMAs And His Maturity As An Artist

Before doing his week-long stint with Fallon on Monday, Justin Bieber made an early stop at The Tonight Show to have a talk about crying at the end of his VMA performance. Apparently, the last time he was at an awards show, the crowd booed Bieber. And this was not lost on him when people were cheering him at the end of his high-flying act.

Between that and his work to “become the man he wants to become,” and his hard work on this latest record, the emotions got to him a bit. As far as some of his more immature moments, he “was around a bunch of knuckle heads” and “in the spotlight in front of cameras,” revealing that he seems contrite in that area and is focused on making a change in that area. At least until he decides to throw eggs at a neighbor or punch a goat in the middle of some sort of late night “purple drank” binge. By “purple drank,” we mean Kool-Aid (not the cheap knockoff stuff).

(Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)