Belly Throws A Post-Apocalyptic Fashion Show With The Weeknd In His Dreamy ‘What You Want’ Video

Roc Nation rapper Belly recruits fellow Toronto singer The Weeknd for a surreal ride through a Mad Max-esque wasteland in the dreamy video for “What You Want,” his first single from upcoming album, The Midnight Zone. The pair performs from atop a futuristic pyramid/spaceship and Milly Rocks in a convertible as Belly does double duty as a crooner and spitter on his verses, lamenting the lows of the high life — seriously, does the man ever sleep four consecutive days? — while The Weeknd brings his unique brand of melancholy glitz on the choruses and a verse of his own.

Toward the end of the video, the desolate scenes take a turn for the glamorous as Belly performs on a catwalk populated by models, bringing the New York Fashion Week aesthetic to his fantasy post apocalypse. You always know what you’re getting with a Belly video –beautiful women, clever bars, and luxury flexing — but the airy beat adds a new dimension, making for a relaxed vibe that may make his brand of high-class hip-hop more appealing to a new audience.

It’s a strong strategy as the Jay-Z-approved rapper continues to build his buzz through a prolific catalog and insane work ethic that has him rising through the rap’s ranks of top spitters.

Midnight Zone is coming soon.