Berwyn Apologizes For Missing Out On Life’s Important Moments In His Melancholy ‘Vinyl’ Video

Berwyn has impressed many during his rise towards acclaim from his UK hometown. Fresh off his Demotape/Vega album, which he released in September, the Trinidadian-born rapper returns with his new “Vinyl” single and video. The track is a melancholy effort that finds him walking through the nighttime city streets as he reflects on his failure to be present for several important moments in his life. “I just pray that time is kinder / Never got to send my granny away,” he says in the song. “Never got to tell you everything was my fault.” He continues to show remorse later on in the song with lines like, “Sorry that I wasn’t there to clap at your graduation / And you wasn’t there to see as my life was changing.”

“Vinyl” is another great release from Berwyn after he fought long and hard to make to where he stands today. He pushed through “frequent cycles of homelessness and dead end jobs,” as mentioned in press materials. He contemplated a move back to Trinidad but opted for “sh*thole flat” where he lived “on a diet of toast, weed and insomnia” to record his Demotape/Vega mixtape. The video for “Vinyl” also arrives after he shared a visual for “017 Freestyle” from Demotape/Vega a song he said he “gassed” to share with fans.

You can watch the “Vinyl” video above.

Demotape/Vega is out now via Heritage. Get it here.