BEWARE’s Block: Coming Through Clutch

With music easily made and readily shared by new artists every day, there are hundreds of high quality songs that fly under the radar. Every week, BEWARE Bowdon scours the web to weed out the dimes from the duds and share the wealth via BEWARE’s Block, a collection of eight buzzing tracks from artists currently breaking ground in their respective genres.

Earlly Mac Feat. Jay IDK – “Room 4 U” (Prod. by K-Reed)

“We got integrity, charisma, and some uzis.” Banger alert. My guy Earlly Mac recruited Jay IDK for “Room 4 U” and this thing is straight up problem. All hyperbole aside, if you like amped up rap tracks with finesse flows, sinister beats and wanna’ whip around your city to a track that makes you feel like the man, go all the way in on this one. Cousin Trap 2 is coming soon, so you better call the caterer.

Deniro Farrar – “Consistently Inconsistent”

As a Detroit Tigers fan, I have a first-hand understanding of what it means to be “Consistently Inconsistent.” Thankfully, instead of a concept that frustrates me further, Deniro Farrar has spun that stressful mental journey into a comforting yet gangster track that speaks on how he stays moving forward at his own pace, even if it’s rocky, while everyone else spins out of control around him. Despite the song title, Deniro’s been consistent for years.

Peter $un – “Quilombo De Palmares”

Peter $un seems like he used “Quilomno De Palmares” to get weight off his shoulders, which is funny because that’s kind of how I felt upon listening. With such a meditating backdrop and lyrics coming straight from the Richmond, VA rapper’s gut, it’s hard not to get on his level when listening. Soak up $un’s Yellow project here.

Daye Jack – “Surf the Web”

Pretty much every song on Daye Jack’s new Surf The Web EP is fresh in it’s own right, each offering different styles, ranging from hard-nosed hip-hop (“Raw”) to futuristic indie funk (“Finish Line”). However, of all seven tracks, my favorite was the title track, a twenty foot tidal wave of synth pop rap that carries an admirable innocence I just can’t get enough of. Open your ears and stream Daye’s Surf The Web EP in full here.

TRVLR Feat. NIKO IS – “Call Me Up”

We’ve been big on TRVLR for a few years now and I’m not really sure why he’s not being picked up on more. Listen to the empowering, euphoric mood of “Call Me Up” and tell me this isn’t cracking. The Orlando singer/producer calls his music Dream Pop and that’s accurate, offering moods that feel appropriate for a John Hughes movie. This one even happens to feature a cool verse from NIKO IS, who adds some ruggedness to the mix. Check out the rest of TRVLR’s retro future vibes on his AMY GDALLA project here. If you like this one, you’ll love the full project.

Anthony Valadez Feat. Miles Bonny – “Fade Away”

Anthony Valadez’ “Fade Away” is like a 4AM drive down the highway. The sparse record offers a peaceful and wide open vibe, allowing listeners to settle into the journey without a worry in the world, a mindset that’s reinforced just right by producer/singer Miles Bonny. Valadez claims this is an electronic tune, but with live percussion, brass and sax layers, and sprinkles of light keys, this feels more like house jazz. Whatever it is, it’s dope.

Jakil – “Truth Is”

To be completely honest, I almost didn’t post this. “Truth Is,” Jakil’s new single is so damn poppy, I didn’t want to get dogged for being too soft. Earlly Mac, Deniro Farrar and this bubblegum jam? Yup. Gotta’ stick to my guns. Jakil’s mix of flawless vocals with those Stranger Things-esque synths, fluttering disco guitars, and the snapping drum kit is too flawless not to share. No shame in this man’s game. Hopefully you feel the same way.

The WHOevers – “Waiting Game (R U Ready?)” (Prod. by Slot-A)

End your evening to The WHOevers’ “Waiting Game” single and you’ll have no problem easing out of a long day. Whether you’ve got a special someone to accompany you or not, this relaxing ride from the Chicago crew features silky smooth flows and Tempur-Pedic production that’s perfect for winding down. This was the last song on here for a reason. *chunks up deuces*

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