Listen Up, Truthers: Is Beyoncé Lying About Her Age?

When you’re a superstar like Beyonce, having people make up rumors and tell stories about you is a daily occurrence. It’s not the typical experience, though, when the rumor is coming from your father.

Mathew Knowles, father and former manager to Bey and Destiny’s Child, went on Breakfast Club to promote his new book, titled The DNA of Achievers, as well as his one-day seminar for creating superstars. While he was there, he said some interesting things about his daughter, including details about her firing him as her manager, and meeting Jay Z for the first time. However, the most interesting thing he talked about was Beyonce’s age. It appears Mathew Knowles is a Beyonce age truther. Beyonce’s well-publicized birthdate is Sept. 4, 1981, making her 34 years old. Papa Knowles insinuates in the interview that Beyoncé may actually be 36 or 37, saying that Pink, 36, and Usher, 37, were the exact same age as his daughter.

“[Destiny’s Child] had a competitiveness, LA [Reid] had a girls group but I bet you don’t know who his lead singer was… Pink. She was the exact same age as Beyoncé and there used to be this battle about which group was better. We had Usher, he was the same age. They were all 14 or 15 years old,” said Matthew Knowles.

One of three things is happening here: 1) Beyonce’s dad just accidentally blew the roof off his daughter’s age-related ruse; 2) Beyonce’s dad has no idea how old his daughter is; or 3) Mathew Knowles is just out here on the radio using his daughter and Destiny’s Child to try to take some spotlight for himself. This requires further investigation.

(Via Complex)