Beyonce Brings Out J Balvin, Solange, Jay-Z, and Destiny’s Child In A Flawless Second Coachella Performance

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Beyonce’s second coming this weekend at Coachella was a religious experience. As you might remember, Beyonce slew Coachella last week with her pep rally-themed set, Queen Nephertiti vibe, and guest appearances from her husband –rapper Jay-Z– and the reunification of Destiny’s Child. So, the anticipation for her follow up last night was pretty high. We all knew that her set this week would not be live streamed like the one last week, so it was destined to be a special moment. An event that would burst into existence with the operatic bombast of a live horn section, dazzle like her series of glitter gold fireworks and disappear into the darkness of the night forever.

First off was the palette swap. This time Bey and her crew were decked out in all pink as opposed to the busy, buzzy yellow look from last week. Jay-Z showed up again (for about 45 seconds), Destiny’s Child reunited in the wake of a powerful spoken word piece about the importance of feminism and performed a remix/medley of “Big Boy,” “Soldier,” and “Say My Name”. But, the biggest surprise guest of the night this time was J Balvin performing “Mi Gente” with Beyonce and crew before a tightly choreographed dance routine with her sister and fashion icon Solange during “Get Me Bodied.” Basically, a flawless performance from a flawless performer at the height of her powers.