A Migos-Only Demo Version Of Beyonce And Jay-Z’s ‘Apesh*t’ Has Surfaced Online

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While The Carters — aka Jay-Z and Beyonce — have dominated the weekend with the release of their long-awaited joint album, Everything Is Love, the dynamic duo’s collaborators are also experiencing a rise in popularity for their contributions to the power couple’s debut effort as a group. After the dust settles, it seems likely that the biggest winners will be Migos due to their addition to the rambunctious first single, “Apesh*t,” with its music video and their ad-libs sprinkled throughout.

However, their offering to the track’s success may be a bit more than it initially appears. While their signature ad-libs are intact, it appears that the verses Beyonce performs on the song was previously penned by Migos’ de facto frontman Quavo and the always-feature-ready Offset. A reference demo has surfaced online via a Tumblr page called POC Memes which posted the full demo version of the track complete with the original performances from Quavo and Offset.

While it probably wouldn’t surprise most fans to learn that Beyonce had at least a little help on her raps throughout the album, considering she’s spent the majority of her career as a relatively straightforward R&B singer, it is remarkable that demo tracks like this one would start popping up online just two days after the release of Everything Is Love. It just goes to show that when the two biggest names in hip-hop and pop music make moves, the whole world can’t help but watch and dissect every detail.